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Desktop Notifications With 10 Lines of Python Code
Jun 02, 2020 • 3 minutes • 496 views

We often use the print function to see the progress of a script, or simply for debugging purposes. Rather than constantly looking at the terminal, and waiting for an output to pop up, we can use push notifications as a way to track progress while working on something else. Our approach to make this happen will be v

Web Scraping Without Getting Blocked
Feb 04, 2020 • 8 minutes • 3647 views

We often need to prove "I'm not a robot". That's because there are robots on the internet - and there are a lot of them. These bots, or as we fondly call them, spiders get blocked all the time, there’s no news in it. Companies try their best to keep web crawlers out of their websites (unless it’s <a href="https:

Python One-Liners You Should Know
Jan 08, 2020 • 5 minutes • 851 views

Python is known for its simplicity. At the same time, it’s fascinating to see how powerful one line of Python code can be sometimes. This article features 5 such one-liners that can do awesome things, or at least save you a few minutes. Python has a built-in module for formatting JSON fil

Introduction to Scrapy: Web Scraping in Python
Dec 04, 2019 • 20 minutes • 9991 views

Scrapy is an open-source web scraping framework, and it does a lot more than just a library. It manages requests, parses HTML webpages, collects data, and saves it to the desired format. Hence, you don’t need separate libraries for every other step. You can also use middlewares in scrapy. Middlewares are sort of 'plugin